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# Hands on Metrology TOUR 2022

After a break of two years in which we have been active in the online environment, we are back with fresh forces and a multitude of new products that we want to present to you.
#ATOS Q     #GOM Scan 1    #T-SCAN     #T-SCAN hawk
During the events that will take place in several locations, you will have the opportunity to attend live demonstrations and private sessions while benefiting from our experience of over 18 years in the field of optical metrology.
#scanare3d    #control dimensional    #reverse engineering    #printare 3d
…will be the main topics discussed


GOM Suite – The complete solution for quality assurance

With GOM Suite, you have access to all services and software variants produced by GOM through a single platform. In it you will find relevant information about products of interest, news and events. You can also book an eLearning course module or opt for an extended training course for the purchased software. You can also purchase additional packages for your GOM software.


#Hands on Metrology

The products from the #Hands on Metrology portfolio have been available in Romania since the beginning of 2021. In addition to the versatile ATOS Q and the entry level scanner GOM Scan 1, this category also includes two portable laser scanners with a wide applicability in most industries.
All this, together with the reverse engineering software solutions (Geomagic Design X and Zeiss Reverse Engineering) can become the basic tools of any company with an industrial profile … and more.



Available in four different variants (S6, S9, S12 and S16), FASTCAM NOVA offers image recording frequencies of up to 16,000 frames per second (fps) at megapixel resolution (@ 1024×1024 pixels, color or monochrome) and speeds of trigger of 0.2 µs. The recording rate of 1,100,000 fps is available at reduced image resolution. All these features are included in a sturdy, compact and lightweight room that offers the best light sensitivity in its class.


X-Ray Solutions

Zeiss-GOM’s portfolio of CT systems offers the best proof that advanced and reliable X-ray technology is no longer a vision of the future. The equipment makes possible the non-destructive 3D inspection of parts with internal structures, whether we are talking about digitizing small and medium-sized plastic parts, low-density metal parts or large, high-density metal parts (eg engine block). You will benefit from a smart workflow in this regard.



The products offered by the Optical Systems department of SPECTROMAS company have a wide applicability in various fields such as: automotive industry, aerospace industry, transport, consumer goods and not only, being equally dedicated to specialists in the quality assurance, design, production, technical departments and in general to all specialists in companies with an industrial profile. They allow the control in different stages of the production processes for parts obtained by casting, forging or plastic injection, the control of stamped sheet metal elements, the control of the manufacture of dies and molds, the control of turbine blades and bladed rotors.

Zeiss T-SCAN hawk

The portfolio of 3D scanning equipment expands with the new member, ZEISS T-SCAN hawk. An equipment focused on portability and ease of use, the T-SCAN hawk 3D scanner offers an efficient and reliable solution. Operated by the powerful GOM Inspect Suite software, this sensor simplifies dimensional control processes. By adding the Geomagic Design X reverse engineering software package, you will benefit from a special price and an optimal solution for all 3d metrology activities.


Medium-high level 3D Scanners

Scanners in this category can be characterized by: portability, versatility, top technology. Mid-Level sensors are detached from the series of top equipment, including numerous integrated technological solutions from the top series, They offer outstanding performance in 3D scanning of surfaces as well as superior portability. Measuring small and medium-sized parts will be an easy task.


3D Scanning –  high-end

The industrial environment imposes quality standards specific to each stage of manufacture. The entire range of ATOS 3D scanners redefines the standards in industrial 3D scanning, both by the acquisition speed and by the area that can be measured from a single scanning position.



GOM optical systems take into account the entire geometry of the measured component, an aspect that is not usually possible using classical measuring means such as displacement ,  force or torque  transducers, strain gauges etc. This category includes the Digital Image Correlation equipment ARAMIS, PONTOS and ARGUS aimed at research applications in construction, in the automotive industry, aero, medicine, ect.



PHOTRON cameras offer high reliability and high performance in the most difficult imaging applications, from scientific research to solving manufacturing problems. The quality of the captured images even in difficult operating conditions make PHOTRON the main candidate for video recording in applications such as impact tests in the automotive industry, ballistic testing, R&D applications and of course in cinema / media applications.


GOM For Education (include Zeiss RE)

GOM for Education is a package dedicated to theoretical and practical teaching in schools, institutes of higher education and universities. The educational package includes hardware and industrial software for 3D scanning and inspection applications, as well as ready-to-use lab exercises and course materials with detailed information. In addition to the GOM Scan 1 industrial scanner, the educational package also includes software dedicated to Reverse Engineering applications (Zeiss Reverse Engineering).

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Through the measuring equipment we have, but also the engineers and technicians with a high degree of professional training in the field, the Spectromas company can offer you a package of measurement services at a high standard of professionalism. You have a practical, efficient and fast solution at hand. You can benefit from modern measurement technology without major investments.
The benefits will be felt immediately!

External QC Laboratory

Through our laboratory you can outsource dimensional control activities. We offer an extremely short time to operate your measurements in accordance with the service contract and we always use the latest technology available. Obviously our staff has a rich know-how to run your projects flawlessly.

External Audit Partner

Our 3D measurement services department can function as an impartial support / business partner during busy periods or for special metrology issues (external audit). Through our gained experience we can offer you consultancy to identify defects and correct the causes.

Metrological consultancy

Do you want to set up or modernize your own metrology laboratory or are you looking for a solution for your production process? We provide you with our experience in the field, our product portfolio or other reliable suppliers where necessary as well as turnkey solutions to reduce your effort.

Partner open for anyone

3D Scanning / Dimensional Control / Reverse Engineering / 3D Printing / CAD Design and CNC Manufacturing
The whole chain of services is open to everyone, regardless of the allocated budget. From enthusiasts (hobby level) to standard industrial applications, we serve each customer with the same respect and professionalism.


The wide range of 3D optical scanners available for scanning services allow the measurement of parts from the size of a coin to a turbine rotor over 6m long and 3m in diameter or even larger components, without losing sight of the essence of a job well done : speed, flexibility, precision and attention to detail.



Through dimensional control services we ensure a complete inspection of your parts. Operations include alignment with the CAD model, comparison of surfaces, complete evaluation of shape and position deviations based on the execution drawing (surfaces, sections, 3D coordinates, GD&T, pulse tolerances, etc.) and 3D and 2D reporting of results.



Through reverse engineering you can improve or modify the functionality of a product / object or even copy it while keeping all the details you are interested in. We have the capacity, experience and tools to convert a point cloud or 3D mesh into CAD formats based on mathematical equations that define the geometry of the object.



With the new partnership with the American company RIZE, we provide you with professional 3D Printing equipments and services.
Applications include the manufacture of prototypes, fasteners and limited series products for: the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, consumer goods.



For all equipments and software we are selling, we provide introductory, advanced and master courses in Romanian or English through a trainer authorized by the manufacturer.
The courses can be organized at our training center in Bucharest or at the client’s headquarters.

Jigs and Fixtures

We have the ability and experience to design and execute devices for dimensional control or manufacturing applications. You have a practical, efficient and fast solution at hand. We offer modular fastening solutions (eg Witte Alufix) or the manufacture of special devices customized to your application at competitive prices.

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Whether we are talking about applications specific to a particular industry or about controlling a plastic part, a part obtained by stamping or static or dynamic testing, 3D optical systems and software packages available to you meet current requirements in the industry. In the pages dedicated to applications you will find exclusive and detailed information (examples) that will highlight the main advantages of the products presented.



scanner 3d portabil


MOLDS and EDM Electrodes

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Through standardized tests we verify the measurement accuracy of the system using standardized artifacts. The test is available according to two standards:

– Test according to VDI 2634 Part 3: 2008

– Test according to ISO 10360


The maintenance service can be ordered directly or included in the initial offer to purchase the equipment, at fixed time intervals. An expert in GOM equipment maintains all components and proactively replaces typical wear parts to sustainably increase the reliability of the system


We are also available through reactive maintenance services. In 85% of cases we can fix the problems caused by remote interventions, offering assistance within a maximum of 2 hours from the notification (for customers with a valid maintenance subscription). However, if the situation requires it, we will be at your headquarters the next working day.