3D Dimensional Control

Using the most advanced 3D scanning equipment, produced by GOM and through our vast experience in this field, Spectromas offers you 3D scanning services with exceptional results guaranteed.
By using the GOM technology, it offers us the ability to quickly and accurately capture the three-dimensional shape of the real object, regardless of size, material or its geometric complexity.
Once obtained scanned 3D model, its dimensional analysis is very easy using software GOM (GOM Inspect or ATOS Professional) you can evaluate any dimensions, geometric deviations or evaluate the deviations as a color map.
The operations include alignment with the CAD model, comparison of surfaces, complete evaluation of shape and position deviations based on the execution drawing (surfaces, sections, 3d coordinates, GD&T, imposed tolerances, etc.) and 3D and 2D reporting of results.

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Our 3D dimensional control services are open to everyone without exception. Although most of our customers are companies in the industrial environment, we are committed to providing the same quality standard to all customers. Whether you have a personal project (hobby), or conduct research studies, or you are a company with industrial applications, we will offer you the best possible results, guaranteed!

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Choose Spectromas services for: Details and Accuracy Extraordinary dimensional accuracy, up to 0.003 mm [3µm] High resolution 3D scan files that store the finest details You can scan surfaces of any color , glossy and even transparent Choose Spectromas services for: Professional Hardware Use of professional 3D scanning equipment Valid metrological documentation for all equipment Complete range of products and accessories Choose Spectromas services for: Our experience Over 15 years of experience Thousands of projects carried out in all fields Staff trained at the most advanced level of expertise Choose Spectromas services for: Mobility All ATOS equipment are portable and offers us the possibility to provide services both at the Spectromas laboratory and at the beneficiary's headquarters. We travel anywhere in Romania. We also offer this service on the territory of Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova
All logistics operations are provided by us
Choose Spectromas services for: Dimensional range We can perform measurements for a large range of sizes Usual range: objects between 10 mm - 6 meters Extended range for special projects (over 10m) Despre noi scanare 3D SPECTROMAS Choose Spectromas services for: Execution time We have multiple scanning equipments and people dedicated especially for this activity Execution varies by volume of work but over 90% of projects are processed and delivered within 1 working day of ordering IF you have an emergency situation, we will support your needs

3D Dimensional Control service – price 95 € / hour

The 3D scanning + 3D dimensional control rate at Spectromas office is calculated per hour. The minimum billed duration is 30 minutes
The 3D scanning service and the 3D dimensional control service are evaluated independently. The services can also be performed at the beneficiary’s premises, the costs for this option are calculated per day (8h), and in this case the price is 750 € / day.
We offer a discount to all our customers depending on the quantity contracted.
For all our services we provide you with a work estimate that will indicate the cost, duration and term of execution. The services are provided only on the basis of a quote signed by the customer / order. All control reports are accompanied by a copy of the calibration certificate (if the scanning service is provided by Spectromas)
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In the section Applications you can find many examples of 3D Dimensional Control operations files. They are grouped by industrial categories so they can be easily tracked.

We have included below only three examples that generically show our ability to 3D scan and 3D dimensional control.

To open .stl, .g3d or .ginpsect files, you need the free GOM Inspect 2020 software program or a newer version.

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Services 3D scanning

– Useful information –

If you have never worked with 3D scan files before, here you can find out what we can provide you, what to consider when launching a request, what data format can be obtained and if you have any questions, trust that we will assist you to you get the results you are looking for.

To perform 3D scanning services we have the entire suite of GOM equipment. You can go through their full description in the product pages, following the links below:

2 x ATOS 5 with the following measurement volumes: MV 175, MV 320, MV 500, MV 700, MV 1000
ATOS Q with the following measurement volumes: MV 100, MV 350
ATOS Capsule : MV70, MV 200
ATOS Core : MV80, MV 185, MV 300
ATOS Compact Scan 12M: MV 150, MV300, MV 600
ATOS Scanbox 4105
2 x TRITOP Full Frame
ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout (GOM CT) (disponibil în curând )

If you’re wondering what 3D scanning files can be used for, here are the main areas.

  • Digital archiving / 3D object library
  • Multiplication operations by 3D printing or CNC processing
  • Medical applications (dentistry, prosthetics and even forensic medicine)
  • Research and innovation
  • Military applications
  • Civil engineering applications

But most often the results obtained by 3D scanning are used in the industrial field, when checking products, components and tools for manufacture (molds, special tools, etc.)

3D scanning, regardless of the scanning system used, provides a file called MESH at the end of the operation. The Mesh file is composed of millions of polygons that materialize the surface of the object. The native density of the number of polygons is practically the resolution with which the object was scanned. I specified “ native” because the number of polygons can be altered (artificially increased or decreased, which does not improve data quality)

This MESH file is commonly exported and used in. STL format (a well-known and widespread format, especially among 3D printer users)

In addition, there are many native formats from various manufacturers.

GOM uses the proprietary format .G3D – it compresses data much better than the .stl format which saves disk space.



The equipment we use is metrologically certified and has a valid verification report.

Software packages are NIST and PTB certified.

All operators performing measurement works within the Department of Optical Systems – Spectromas, are extensively trained and tested annually at GOM Germany.

Free mesh viewing and editing software


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