3D Scanning

Having available all series of ATOS optical 3D scanners , manufactured by our partner, GOM GmbH, we can quickly and accurately capture the three-dimensional shape of any object, regardless of its size, material or geometric complexity.
3D Scanning, being a 3D digitization process, brings the objects from reality into the virtual space, allowing us to manipulate them for the desired purpose.

3D Dimensional Control

Through our 3D Dimensional Control services we ensure the complete inspection of your parts, regardless of the required measurement accuracy or the geometric complexity of the object.
Operations include alignment with the CAD model, comparison of surfaces, complete evaluation of shape and position deviations based on the execution drawing (surfaces, sections, 3d coordinates, GD&T, imposed tolerances, etc.) and 3D and 2D reporting of results.

Reverse Engineering and CAD Design

Through reverse engineering you can improve or modify the functionality of a product / object or even copy it while keeping all the details you are interested in. We have the capacity, experience and tools to convert a point cloud or 3D mesh into CAD formats based on mathematical equations that define the geometry of the object.

3D Printing

With the new partnership with the American company RIZE, we provide you with professional 3D Printing services.
Applications include the manufacture of prototypes, fasteners and products in limited series for: automotive industry, aerospace industry, consumer goods.


Maintenance and Technical Support

Whether ordered directly or included in the initial equipment purchase offer, the maintenance service offered by Spectromas ensures optimal operating parameters for the entire range of GOM measuring systems.
Based on your subscription, you receive 24/24 premium support for any software or hardware issues. Also, being about metrological equipment, we ensure the periodic recertification of measurement systems and calibration artifacts, according to the standards in force.